Content Marketing

Content Management

Content is the fuel of inbound marketing. It educates prospective customers, guides them through the buying cycle, and increases your brand value.

Developing content without a strategic plan decreases the likelihood that you’ll see results, however, and creating first-class content can be time consuming and intricate.

That’s why TAG offers a full suite of content marketing services – from research and strategy development — to writing and promotion.

We can help with one part of your content marketing — or we can completely manage it for you – and we’ll create valuable content that drives readers to take action and become prospects for your business.

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Initial Content Research

TAG begins with an audit of your website to assess current content and identify gaps. At the same time, we perform keyword research to determine where you currently rank on search engines for major keywords. We also identify new keywords that you should be targeting.

Additionally, we research your competitor’s content to analyze their success and determine their ranking for the same keywords.


Content Marketing Strategy

After the research phase, our team develops a content marketing strategy that details our observations and outlines recommendations for an action plan:

  • We identify specific buyer traits so that content will connect more effectively with your target audience.
  • We develop a content calendar that identifies possible topics and a publishing schedule.
  • Our strategy breaks down needed tasks per content channel — and details how individual elements of the plan work together.


Content Creation

All content begins with topic research and a brief that details subject matter, target audience and SEO keywords. We’ll review the content brief with you, and once finalized, our writers get to work.

Once completed, we review the piece to ensure that it aligns with the content strategy, and we carefully edit for spelling, grammar and appropriate SEO keywords. We seek your final review and approval, and provide revisions if needed.


Publishing and Promotion

TAG publishes the approved content to your website. To maximize visibility, we promote your content organically through search and social media — and through paid campaigns such as PPC, display ads / remarketing and calls-to-action.



Once published, content never stops working. Its presence online continues to generate leads, and TAG keeps working, too. We monitor your content to ensure its online effectiveness, and each month we’ll send you a report detailing the results. In addition to data, this report also offers recommendations for continued next efforts.


Trust TAG to grow your bottom line through content marketing. We invite you to call today, and discuss how our proven strategies can boost your bottom line.