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A Revolution in Online Sales

Capture Millennial Buyers
Your Gyms Have Been Missing!

Today’s consumers buy almost exclusively online, but if your club’s online enrollment pages are antiquated or do not seem secure,
you will lose these vital prospects.


Gym memberships are emotional impulse purchases, so gyms must provide a safe and secure way to capture those moments of inspiration
— at any time of day or night — to maximize sales.

Purchasing a Gym Membership Online Has Never Been So Easy (or Fun)

tagJOIN™ supports and guides every prospect through the entire membership process, just as a live salesperson would.

Big fitness brands report up to 60% of new members joining online, and they’re selling 24/7, increasing revenue, and saving on sales commissions. Now your fitness brand can too.  

Sell Memberships Prior to Club Visits

tagJOIN™ is proven to convert prospects to
paid members before they even tour the
club. Selling memberships sight unseen has
been a major advantage for equity backed
and public fitness brands.

Full ROI Tracking to Eliminate Wasted Marketing Spend

Know exactly which creatives, campaigns and even keywords were so powerful that they led to online sales.

Only tagJOIN™ offers complete tracking all the way back to the keyword, to help you save most wasted marketing spend.

Identify Every Website Visitor with Purchase Intent -- Retarget Abandoned Prospects

Only tagJOIN™ allows you to identify every prospect from Google, Facebook, and Instagram to bring them back if they abandon the join process — and convert them to members.

Seamlessly Integrate with CRM Management Software

We can integrate with your CRM provider for effective follow-up.