Sell 1-5 More Members Per Day- by Making Joining Online Easier

Best Lgooo
“I was skeptical about selling memberships online but today everything is sold online glad we tried the tagJOIN system- Initial results have been very strong.
This system even sends us contact info from prospects who start the join process but do not finish (abandons) -sales team now can call them up and finish the sale that would have been lost, a needed advance in the industry. Now, with Covid and the prospects desire for as little interaction with staff as possible while joining the timing has been perfect to start selling online. ”

Dave Dossantos- Best Fitness


A Revolution in Online Sales

More Revenues- Lower Costs

Only tagJOIN™ is optimized for maximum conversion to paid membership, keeping prospects on the trusted local website during the entire process. Pay less commissions while selling higher
priced memberships online.

Connect to Prospects Who Abandon Process. An Needed Industry Advance

Only tagJOIN™ collects personal identification information from prospects who start thejoin
process but abandon cart. That information can then be used for lead nurturing and follow-up to help close the sale.

Sell Memberships Prior to Club Visits

tagJOIN™ is proven to convert prospects to
paid members before they even tour the
club. Selling memberships sight unseen has
been a major advantage for equity backed
and public fitness brands.

Full ROI Tracking to Eliminate Wasted Marketing Spend

Know exactly which creatives, campaigns and even keywords that were so powerful, they lead to online sales. Only tagJOIN™ offers complete tracking all the way back to the keyword, to help you save most wasted marketing spend.

Identify Every Website Visitor with Purchase Intent - Retarget Abandoned Prospects

Only tagJOIN™ allows you to identify every prospect from Google, Facebook, and Instagram to bring them back if they abandon the join process – and convert them to members.

Seamlessly Integrate with CRM Management Software

We can integrate with your crm provider for effective follow-up