COVID-19 Updates

As the world confronts the impact of COVID 19, we want to keep you up-to-date. The safety of your family, team, and clients, along with the continued success of your business, is our top priority.

Economic Relief

We are monitoring available options for economic relief for small businesses and working to finalize a business continuity plan for each client. We understand clients need our services more than ever and want to provide as much relief as we can during this time.

Both Facebook and Google plan to release a relief package to help small businesses that advertise on their platforms, along with state SBA loans and federal disaster relief grants.

While it may be a long time until we know the full impact COVID-19 will take on our health, businesses, and lifestyles, please know that TAG is here for you!

More information will be available in the coming days. Please review our general business continuity plan below and check back for more economic relief links.

New SBA Programs:

Current SBA Loan - Freeze payments up to 6 months

Facebook Small Business Grants:

Act Now to Include Gyms in Economic Relief:

Act Now to Include Dentists in Economic Relief - ADA:

Business Continuity Plan

Long before COVID-19 appeared, we built our business continuity plan to be ready for situations like this; and we made it flexible so that we can take whatever steps are necessary to assist you. We’ll help you keep your business going through closures and we’ll provide support for your marketing and management teams through these phases:

Phase I – Safety Readiness Plan

  • Communicate your commitment to the safety of your clients, staff and community (with measures such as amended hours, cancellations, and safety precautions taken), via email notifications, social media, and website alerts.
  • Be prepared – you’ll likely see a massive increase (400-500%) in social media and reputation management traffic.

Phase II – Local Business Closure

  • Maintain essential team members.
  • Communicate your continued commitment to safety, including closure dates, and highlight all available services (such as live streaming fitness classes, virtual training and online group classes) via email notifications, social media, and website alerts.
  • Consider subscribing to Google Hangouts/Zoom Video Conferencing or other remote video conferencing software to ensure business continuity and client retention.

Phase III – Operational Decisions

  • Decide on what economic relief or membership options will be provided to members, including refunds, prorated fees, temporary membership freezes, etc. Consider relief options for your team members, as well.

Phase IV – Content & Ad Strategy

  • Further develop content to encourage client/member retention and interaction.
  • Expand and highlight continued services (if applicable), such as virtual consultations, personal training and group classes, videos, Facebook live, Facetime, live streaming, and video conferencing.
  • Not set-up – no problem we can help!
  • Host a Facebook/Instagram Live event daily for customers/members. Communicate events via email, social media, website and text if applicable.
  • Advertise on Facebook; be the only business in town to offer virtual services if applicable. Highlight advantages such as personalization, no commitment, and the ease of online signup.

Phase V – Reopening

  • Be sensitive..communicate your reopening date and extend gratitude and a continued commitment to the safety of members and staff via email notifications, social media, and website alerts.
  • Immediately begin Google and Facebook/Instagram ads with new offers before your competitors. Start by highlighting future benefits then moving into driving business similar to a re-grand opening.
  • Target competitor website traffic before reopening and be the first back to market while following all safety guidelines. It is unfortunate and inevitable that several small businesses will not survive. These customers will need your services more than ever. Be sure they can find you.

Questions or Concerns?