How Are You Nurturing Your Leads? Close Prospects With A Streamlined Lead Nurturing Strategy

woman on her phone reading a lead email
Did you know that prospects will happily grab a free offer, such as a free pass or a free personal training session? But that is not the same as joining as a paid member.  In fact, 80% of new leads never sign up to become a member after grabbing a free pass? And did you know that companies that have a strong lead nurturing strategy in place generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost, according to Invespcro? The reason? A mix of factors. For one, leads want to be nurtured, valued, and feel appreciated. By reaching out to them after they have signed up for your free pass, you need to make sure they feel valued, important, and appreciated as human beings – and not just another sale. They want to feel like they matter to the overall brand, and this relationship is primarily built through interaction, frequent communication, and lots of valuable content.  Make sure that you understand it is their goals that are most important, not YOUR sale. At TAG Digital Marketing, we provide strategic lead nurturing campaigns that provide value through email, text, and phone conversations. Our lead nurturing drips also result in activating dormant leads, shortening the sales cycle, and higher sales conversion rates due to automation.
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Show up in your prospects’ email inboxes, text messages, and more to help them sign up when it suits them.

Lead nurturing and follow-up drips are important in any advertising campaign. At TAG Digital Marketing, we integrate your CRM with platforms that have detailed scheduling integrations, meaning your prospects are getting nurtured when they are contemplating joining your gym. We help automate and streamline your entire follow-up sequence to ensure your leads are being nurtured while you are busy running your business.  If you are ready to start nurturing your leads rather than having them drop off after a free pass or training session, it’s time to reach out to TAG Digital Marketing. 

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