Increase Your Leads with tagJOIN™: Boost Your Bottom Line with Our Digital Marketing Innovations

Increase Your Leads With TagJOIN™

tagJOIN™ with Text Verification is Here!

Like many business owners, you’ve likely experienced that stall in the sales funnel when prospective members abandon your site without closing the deal. It’s no secret that almost every prospect can be ready to join your club at any time — but how do you capture that sale at the right moment? It happens at the right place, at the right time, and with the right offer. As a business owner, though, you don’t get to set those parameters. So how do you grab a lead, nurture that prospect, and get them to sign on the dotted line? You act at the peak of the decision-making process — and TAG Digital Marketing (TAG) has designed a tool to help you close more memberships. Introducing tagJOIN, a seamless online membership enrollment integration with ABC Financial.  tagJOIN allows prospective members to join from anywhere 24/7; because it’s an online system, with text verification, it keeps your prospects on your website within your brand instead of sending them to a 3rd party website they are not familiar with — which increases the likelihood of sign-up completion. Not only does tagJOIN seamlessly process online purchases, but it also tracks and remarkets to all prospects who fail to complete the join process the first time around.

Quality Leads Through Text Verification

With tagJOIN, the pricing of your memberships is only shown once a prospect has shown their interest by submitting contact information, and they confirm their mobile number through text verification.   Text verification not only ensures that the prospect is high-quality, but it also allows you to grab their contact information. Plus – you just got permission to text the prospect!  Even though they may not leave your site as a new member, you now have the ability to remarket, advertise, and nurture this lead into a paying member. Thus accelerating your online enrollments. 

The tagJOIN Process

When prospects arrive on the tagJOIN page, they are asked to share contact information (i.e., first name, last name, email, and phone number). The prospects must accept text communication by checking off a box, which provides you with their written consent. Once text verification is completed, your plans are presented for the prospect to choose from. In our conducted case studies, up to 55% of unique users provided their accurate contact information to view the plan information.
TagJOIN™ With Text Verification

tagJOIN™ with text verification gives you the ability to nurture your leads into paying customers.

Announcing Another Great Marketing Tool: callPOP

In addition to text verification, you can also get people on the phone while they are still browsing your sales page thanks to callPOP. Did you know that up to 50% of your marketing budget is wasted due to slow lead response time? The longer the lead waits, the bigger the chance that they won’t act on your offer. With callPOP, you can now get people on the phone instantly.  When the prospect submits a request for your lead offer, such as a 7-day pass, the lead information is sent to your CRM. callPOP connects your salesperson with the prospect, as the call is instantly connected when both pick up. You can even use callPOP to connect with prospects who started joining online but abandoned the process before completing it. To get started with TAG’s comprehensive digital marketing services, including callPOP, contact us today!

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