Integrated with ABC Software, PCI Compliant, Fully Managed/Hosted

tagJOIN™ is a Custom Online Enrollment Portal designed to convert more online prospects to paid members. In fact, we believe it is the most advanced and effective online enrollment system ever developed for the fitness industry. tagJOIN™ can also be integrated with other fitness CRM/lead management software.

Attract Buyers 43/Under You've Been Missing

The largest generation in U.S. history (Millennials) insist on making every possible purchase online, and avoid high pressure sales tactics, which has caused disruption with industries know for them.

Even the most complex and unique products --like USED cars or mattresses end users cannot touch -- are now purchased sight unseen from the internet. Forward thinking fitness brands have demonstrated that a substantial percent of new members will join online if given a safe and user friendly platform to do so.

Either provide buyers under 45 a safe and easy way to join online or they might join their 2nd choice up the street that does.


Keeps Prospects on the Trusted Local Gym Website - Key tagJOIN Advantage

Consumers today are very guarded with personal information like DL#, and Credit Card Info. Also joining a new gym is in essence, an “impulse” purchase. The leading gym brands in America offer the advantage of allowing prospective members to actually join online within the secured areas of their own trusted website, instead of sending them to any unknown page when ready to join.

Forcing member prospects from the trusted local site at the sale crescendo is likely when most online membership prospects are lost. Then once they have been sent thru to myiclubonline.com it is not always clear how to return.

tagJOIN is the only solution that allows prospects to join on that trusted local gym site to maintain trust thru the sales process while allowing free navigation to gym site for last minute questions about club amenities and features.


ReTargets Abandon Prospects- Online Ads, Calls and Texts until they JOIN

Mobile America is fast paced, and prospects not finishing sales on first attempt (abandoned enrollments) are a part of the landscape. However, other online enrollment systems offer no way to identify, track, or bring back abandoned prospects to finish online enrollment.

When prospects abandon tagJOIN™ for whatever reason, they are FLOODED with ads on every website, including Facebook and Instagram feeds, and text messages and calls are placed until they return to complete the enrollment and become a member. tagJOIN™ sends all info placed by abandon prospects (name, email, phone) to club in real time as well so calls and texts from the club help get that new member signed.


Replaces Intimidating Long Forms with Fast & Easy Online Enrollment

When a prospect clicks "join now" with excitement and a long form is displayed, "stuff gets real" and the emotional buying state can be disrupted.

Keeping buyers in an emotional buying state without the surrounding energy, buzz or intimidating environment of a health club is difficult. The most successful online enrollment portals in fitness do not collect all new member information on one long form displayed fully and that is no accident.

tagJOIN collects personal information in fun, non threatening small sections, which is a key to maximize conversion to paid membership.


Identifies Abandons, Captures Contact Info, Repopulates On Return

If a prospect on iPhone starts to join a club online and half way thru gets a call interrupting sale, the club does not get any info or notification and the prospect must start entire process over if they return, .. Lose/Lose situation

With most every other online enrollment system, no incremental prospect info is collected and a prospect has to start the entire process over if interrupted. Alternatively tagJOIN collects information incrementally, over several pages which is better for conversion AND all information is sent to club management in real time. Information will even re-populate any time in the future a prospect returns so they can finish joining quickly and easily.


NEW Virtual Salesperson Guides & 24/7 Live Chat helps more Deals CLOSE

Only tagJOIN™ has a commission free VIRTUAL SALESPERSON to walk prospects thru a sale, providing support, insights and answers to questions most likely to cause abandonment. tagJOIN™ also offers 24/7 live chat support inside the join online portal so if a prospect gets stuck, help is a click away!

Attempted Abandon Prospects Saved with Trial Pass- Initiates "Hybrid" Sales Process

When a prospect attempts to abandon tagJOIN™ our system instantly saves the session with a TRIAL MEMBERSHIP offer that instantly starts a hybrid sale process. A key combination of in-club and online sales to capture every possible new member prospect. This new hybrid process is a first of its kind in fitness.

Increases Online Enrollment of ALL Trial Members with HYBRID Sale

TAG's new Hybrid Sale uses a series of text and emails during each day of a trial pass membership (regardless of source) back to the tagJOIN™ system when they are ready to join. Any information previously provided or membership options discussed are retained and repopulates on return so the prospect only has to fill out a few fields and viola -- A new member and less commissions paid!

Converts More In-Club Sales with tagBACK

Tired of salespeople calling phones never answered, leaving messages never returned? The new tagBACK process combines traditional in-club sales with online enrollment to increase all conversion. When a prospect visits or calls the club but does not convert same day, the new system remembers the specific membership discussed and info provided. Prospects can visit an easy to remember vanity URL to complete their membership with just a few clicks. All information given previously re-populates for fast enrollment. tagBACK phone messages directing a prospect to an easy to remember URL are a new touch point that fits millennial buying habits. (i.e. "Mrs. prospect no need to call back, when ready to complete that membership just visit joinclubMD.com and the plan we discussed is waiting for you to easily join online, and you can use the club instantly")