Travel Marketing

Travel Marketing Solutions

Because today’s consumers purchase travel options online more than ever before, savvy travel marketers need digital and technology capabilities that engage customers and optimize their brands. TAG’s data-driven, customer-centric marketing approach enables travel brands to provide personalized and meaningful experiences to their customers. Our customer-focused approach harnesses the abundance of online and offline data to help you make informed decisions on channel spend and the customer experience. Our solutions are never one size fits all; rather, TAG customizes solutions to our clients’ unique challenges, including:
  • Digital Soltion
  • SEO & SEM Solutions
  • Advanced Analytics & Attriution
  • Enterprise Segmentation
  • Technology Platform Solutions
  • Data Solutions

SEO & SEM Solutions

Today’s consumers heavily research travel options, and developing a search program based on prior customer behavior and trends can make all the difference. TAG places a heavy emphasis on keyword quality, intelligence and cross-device behavior using a suite of proprietary management tools to determine how the incremental value of each keyword — and how much it will influence a customer’s decision.

Advanced Analytics & Attribution

The travel marketplace is primarily driven by price, but brand loyalty often delivers competitive advantage for both online and offline channels. TAG helps you build brand loyalty and customer retention by:

  • Identifying your guests and their preferences
  • Providing better information to travel brand marketers, including core attribution, measurement and forecasting
  • Offering value-added experiences to travelers that extend their relationship with your brand

Enterprise Segmentation

Our approach to segmentation is to influence traveler decisions and to change their behaviors. To do so, we want to assure that your organization fully understands your customer’s decision-making process.

TAG’s Connected Segmentation services differ from traditional research-based segmentation. We base our strategies on motivation (versus attitude), we ensure your company understands what makes your customers tick, and we connect the dots to implement marketing strategies with a database of information.

Technology Platform Solutions

TAG utilizes technology, such as a connected CRM framework, that delivers marketing solutions specific to the travel industry. Our system integrates with industry-specific tools (such as reservations) and a customer platform for successful travel marketing solutions.

Data Solutions

The ability to source third-party data is becoming a best practice in customer segmentation. TAG offers the ability to rapidly and efficiently utilize data sourcing for travel business strategies and successful campaign implementation.

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