Remarketing provides a second chance to make a first impression on your potential customers.

Typically, one visit to your website is not enough to convince people to take action. Remarketing allows your business to deliver tailored ads and promotions to indecisive consumers that have already visited your website


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Here’s how it works.

Undecided customers are grouped into remarketing lists, and segmentation is based on the actions people have taken on your site.

For example, law firms could have separate remarketing lists for potential clients that visited different pages on their website, such as “medical malpractice” or “personal injury”. Potential clients that visited the “medical malpractice” page on a firm’s site would later see display ads with related messaging across other sites they visit online.

Remarketing connects potential customers to their previous encounters with your brand and service offerings. This connection makes them more likely to take action through continuous engagement.


Connecting with Customers across Devices

With the explosion of mobile and tablet usage in recent years, we now live in a multi-device world. Consumers often switch from PCs to mobile devices to tablets several times throughout the day. Studies have shown that potential customers perform research activities on PCs or tablets, such as reading reviews or browsing websites. However, mobile users are typically ready to convert and perform activities like “booking an appointment” or “calling for directions”.

Businesses should take advantage of this multi-device landscape by maintaining brand visibility across all devices. Remarketing allows businesses to target past site visitors across both search and display networks on all devices.

Google Offers a Variety of Remarketing Strategies

Businesses can reach a larger, qualified audience by utilizing Google’s Similar Audiences. This remarketing tactic reviews data from existing remarketing audiences and finds new consumers that share similar interests.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads allows businesses to customize pay-per-click ads directed at their highest value prospects. (Highest value prospects are those customers who have visited your site before and are now performing related searches on

With Dynamic Remarketing, advertisers can deliver stunning, customized ads to users that converted on their sites previously. Google even offers businesses an online ad builder, eliminating the need for graphic designers.

TAG has helped clients realize immense success with Remarketing advertising. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will customize strategies specific to your industry, ensuring sophisticated tactics that help you achieve your business goals.