Fully Integrated with ABC MyiClubOnline System

TagJOIN enhances the online enrollment system on MICO to convert more sales. However club management of the system remain unchanged. All plans, contracts, information are managed as normal. tagJOIN can also be integrated with every other fitess or other software like CRM and lead management.
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Advanced Online Enrollment Technology Features

  • The ONLY solution that allows prospects to purchase directly on the local gym website they know and trust (no more forced transfer to MICO before asking for personal info) .
  • Identifies every visitor and FLOODS abandon prospects with ads (Google, FB), calls and text messages specific to join process


  • "24/7 Live Chat Support" on all Join Pages
  • VIRTUAL SALESPERSON" to walk every prospect thru the entire process
  • "HYBRID SALES", industry first combo of online/offline sales
  • "tagBACK" to convert more trial members and return buyers in-club
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Capture Millennial Buyers

The Largest Generation In U.S. History (Millennials) Make Most Every Purchase ONLINE and Reject High Pressure Sales

Even the most complex and unique products like used cars (Carvana) and mattresses never touched by end users (Casper) are now purchased sight unseen from the internet. So if you think your memberships are "too pricey" or "too complex" to be purchased online, think again.

Either provide buyers under 45 a safe and easy way to join online or they might join their "2nd choice" up the street that does.

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Keeping Prospects on Trusted Local Site is Key

If your current online enrollment process is forcing prospects from the trusted local fitness website to one they have never heard of (myiclubonline) at the last minute and demanding the most sensitive info, (DOB, DL#, CC, Employer) is it any wonder so few convert? If Amazon sent you to another site at the moment you were ready to buy, would you continue without hesitation?

Data scandals at Google and Facebook have consumers guarding personal info and gym memberships are impulse buys which typically require sales help. If you want to convert complex sales online instead of in-club, every aspect of the process must be perfect.


Retarget on Every Media Source, Gather Deal-Saving Info from Abandons

This new "Mobile" economy is faced paced, and prospects not finishing sales (abandon) is now a part of life. However the non-enhanced version of MICO leaves no way to identify, track or bring back abandon prospects to finish online enrollment. tagJOIN sends all info placed by abandon prospects (name, mobile #,etc.) to club in real time.

When prospects abandon tagJOIN for whatever reason, they are FLOODED with ads on every website, their Facebook and Instagram feeds and even with text messages and calls until they return to complete the enrollment and become a member

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Replace Conversion Challenged "Long Form"

If you are using non-enhanced MICO or your current solution still ends with a "long form" at myiclubonline, conversion will always be a challenge.

If a prospect is in the emotional buying state and you place the long myiclubonline in front of them, "stuff gets real" and fast. No process in the digital world that converts complex sales types like fitness membership uses this long form and that is no accident. Prospective members need to be slowly and methodically asked for small and non-threatening pieces of personal info while guided to a sale.

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TagJOIN Keeps Prospect Info Indefinitely- Repopulates on Return- Allows Access to Deal-Saving Club Details

The non-enhanced version of MICO is a ONE WAY TICKET. There is no easy way back to the informational fitness website a prospect might need to answer last minute questions. tagJOIN works directly on your website (subdomain) so the prospect never leaves. All prospect info is also saved and REPOPULATES when a prospect returns so they only need to fill out remaining fields to complete membership.
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Industry First Innovation "Virtual Salesperson" and 24/7 LIVE support

Only tagJOIN has a commission free "Virtual Salesperson" to walk prospects thru a sale, just like those inside your clubs. tagJOIN also offers 24/7 live chat support inside the join online portal so if a member prospect gets stuck, help is a click away!
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Save Prospects Attempt to Abandon with trial membership that launches Hybrid Sale Process

When a prospect attempts to abandon tagJOIN our system instantly saves the session with a TRIAL MEMBERSHIP offer that instantly starts a Hybrid Sale process. A key combination of in-club and online sales which still means no commission/sales expense. tagHYBRID is a first of its kind in fitness.
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Introducing tagHYBRID- the best way to combine in-club sales with online

When a prospect tries to abandon the hybrid sales allows them to check out the club as a trial member but uses a series of text and emails to bring them back to the tagJOIN system when they are ready to join. Remember all information stays in system and repopulates so the prospect only has to fill out a few fields and viola! a new member

Convert more in-club sales with tagBACK

tagBACK helps your salespeople become more efficient- without paying them a dime more. When a prospect visits the club but does not convert same day, the new tagBACK System remembers the specific membership option that prospect selected and all info provided. Prospect can return anytime to an easy to remember vanity URL selected by fitness center (i.e. returnmember.com) , 24/7 and finish a membership with just a few CLICKS