The Back to School Rush: Preparing for the Uptick in Gym Members and Healthcare Patients

Gym and Healthcare business owners posing for back to school digital marketing strategies at TAG Digital Marketing
As summer comes to an end and students and parents prepare to head back to the classroom, schedules are beginning to return to normal. As a gym or healthcare business owner, have you thought about that? Not just about school supplies and new clothes, back-to-school can also mean an uptick in your own business activities as families refocus on health and fitness after the relaxed pace of summer. For those in health and wellness, this presents a unique opportunity to attract new customers, re-engage inactive members, and introduce new programs or services that cater to changing needs. It’s a time to strategize, innovate, and capitalize on the renewed interest that traditionally accompanies the start of a new school year.

Navigating the Back-to-School Season in Healthcare

We’ve all felt the rush of a new school year as parents hurry to schedule their kids for a visit to the doctor, dentist, or optometrist. With this in mind, healthcare providers should prepare to handle an increase in demand for appointments and checkups. A back-to-school offer, such as a discount for pediatric dental care, might help attract new parents interested in healthcare services for their children.

And let’s not forget our young athletes! As they gear up for the new season, it’s an opportune time for doctors and dentists to reinforce the importance of health and wellness. Pre-season physicals and dental check-ups can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Dentists, in particular, can guide youngsters about mouthguards importance in protecting their teeth during sports activities. 

Gym Owners: Seize the Season to Leverage Growth

With schools getting back into session, gym owners can also expect an increase in returning members. This added volume may lead to an increase in group fitness class attendance. As a gym owner, consider optimizing your class schedule and adding more classes. Also, consider the class times most convenient for your target groups. 

For example, should your fitness center offer classes before or after the regular workday to accommodate working moms and dads? What about “mommy and me” workouts for stay-at-home moms? Do you have any after-school activities?

College and high school students may also ramp up their self-care routines. Working out can be a great way to decompress after a long day of sitting in class, and gyms near high school or university campuses are wise to prepare for an increase in traffic. Again, is your staff ready for the influx? 

Enhance Customer Engagement, Increase Sales, and Foster Business Growth

With measures in place to help manage the increase in demand for services as classes resume, healthcare providers and gym owners can both take advantage of this exciting time and offer special promotions and discounts catering to people going back to school. 

 Ultimately, it’s all about creating a positive customer experience; with the right mindset, this can be one of the most prosperous times of the year for you! TAG Digital Marketing (TAG) consistently leads the digital marketing industry by equipping clients with vital insights and strategies to remain competitive. Gear up for the back-to-school season by connecting with your TAG account manager for suggestions on potential offers your business can launch. Seize this prime opportunity to engage your audience, boost your sales, and shape a prosperous future for your business!

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