Why Your Online Reputation Matters More Than Ever

It’s no secret that the internet is changing the way we conduct business. It’s easier to deliver products and services, easier to buy online thanks to e-commerce platforms and payments can be delivered to freelancers in a matter of seconds. But with the increasing access to technological tools, customers are also getting a bigger voice online. And that can have a direct link to your company’s success. In the past, your business reputation was often linked with word-of-mouth marketing, recommendations, and even consumer data. Your reputation was also influenced by surveys and customer interactions. But in today’s world driven by technology, your reputation – including your entire online platform – comes down to reviews from customers. The world of online reviews is massive and reputation management matters now more than ever before. One bad review from a customer can change the way prospective leads or clients view you as a business owner or your company as a whole. The reality is, bad reviews happen. People have bad days. Some reviewers may overreact or some employees may not be as friendly. But reputation management comes down to how you handle these situations when they happen. Demonstrating that you understand and appreciate the feedback you receive is fundamental in keeping your reputation positive. Potential customers will be able to see that you can effectively address mistreated and unhappy customers, regardless of who was at fault. Reputation management also applies to the positive side of things. When people say positive things about your business, make sure you thank them! That small gesture makes a big impact. The reason why reputation management is so important is that reviews, comments, social media posts, photos and everything else that’s put online about your business have an impact. It’s not just how these posts and photos rank in Google and other search engines, but about how these comments and reviews affect current and prospective customers. Did you know:
  1. People will search for you online before buying from you. While your website may rank first, those reviews from previous clients may outweigh whatever copy is on your website. And that’s where reputation management can play a huge role.
  2. Trust is a big factor in the digital world. People buy from the sites they trust, so if they get a bad feeling about your business from reading the reviews, the trust deteriorates.
  3. Great customer service goes a long way! The way you interact with your customers online reflects on your brand and that behavior gives you a competitive advantage.
  4. If you care about your customers, your customers will care about you. While competitors may try to eliminate you, your personal interactions with customers and how you handle problematic situation will create loyalty for your brand. Customers will go where they feel valued, so give them a reason to stay with you.
If you’ve received bad reviews and you see the results on your business, it’s time to focus on reputation management. The only way to push down negative reviews is to drive in new positive reviews. It’s never too late to rectify a situation, especially online where everything is documented. If you need help with your online reputation or if you’d like to protect your existing reputation, reach out to us today and let us help you out!  

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