Why Mobile Site Speed is Important for Your Business

With the growing abilities of technology and the internet, users become less patient. In a world where things are moving fast, it’s no wonder that internet users expect things to load fast. We want results, answers, and solutions faster than ever before. Internet users expect websites to load instantly. It’s not just a desire anymore – it has become a demand. Users demand the fastest speed, the best websites and the most accurate information all the time. The pressure on business owners to deliver is growing and mobile site speed is one of those areas you cannot neglect. For one, internet users will ditch your business website for a competitor if your site speed is slow. Over half of internet users expect sites to load within two seconds, while 75% of users will leave a site for a competitor’s site rather than wait for the site to load. Mobile speed is important to retain your leads. But there’s another important reason why mobile site speed should be at the top of your list. In January 2018, Google announced a new algorithm change that affects mobile searches. Rather than an ambiguous name for the update, Google revealed that it was simply called “Speed Update,” an update that targeted slow-loading websites. The update only targeted about 1% of websites, but this update indicates that site speed does play a factor in search engine ranking. That’s not to say that mobile site speed is the determining factor of whether your site is indexed in Google’s SERPs. As Google pointed out along with the release of the update, quality content still ranks higher, meaning quality content sites with slow loading would still have a place in the SERPs. Site speed has always been a factor, as Google focused on desktop loading times back in 2010. Now, in 2018, Google is focusing on mobile site speed, as the number of mobile users is growing every year. It’s important to note, while this Google update only affected a small number of websites, it doesn’t necessarily mean that site speed won’t be a major algorithm issue in the future. Staying on top of your mobile site speed is not only good for your ranking and indexing, but also for your active users, shoppers and prospective leads. If you want to learn more about mobile site speed and how to improve it to ensure a great ranking in Google’s SERPs, reach out to us today! We’d love to help you out.  

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